Hettinger Notes for Phil 280: Aesthetics, Fall 04

Philosophy of Art
Fisher, Ch 1, Part One
Fisher, Ch 2, Tolstoy's Challenge
Fisher, Ch 3: Aesthetic Value
Fisher, Ch 4: Art and Morality
Some Issues in the Censorship vs Freedom of Art
Fisher, Ch 5: Avant-Garde Art and Dickie's Institutional Theory
Fisher, Ch 8: Art and Entertainment
Fisher, Ch 9: Art as Representation
Fisher, Ch 10, Formalism

Fisher, Ch 11, Expression Theory

Midterm Study Questions

Aesthetics Appreciation of Nature
Aesthetics and Environment Bibliography

Ronald Hepburn, Contemporary Aesthetics and the Neglect of Natural Beauty
Allen Carlson, Appreciation and the Natural Environment
Noel Carroll, On Being Moved By Nature
Holmes Rolston, Does Aesthetic Appreciation of Landscapes Need to be Sceince-Based?
Thomas Heyd, Aesthetic Appreciation and the Many Stories about Nature
Holmes Rolston, Evaluating Aesthetic Nature
Yuriko Saito, The Aesthetics of Unscenic Nature
Emily Brady, Imagination and the Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature
Marcia Eaton, Fact and Fiction in the Aesthetic Experience of Nature
Ronald Hepburn, The Trivial and Serious in Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature
Allen Carlson, Is Environmental Art an Aesthetic Affront to Nature?