Aesthetics, Hettinger, Fall 07

Notes on Reading


Davies, Ch 1: Evolution and Culture


Schedule of Assignments

Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art

Telfer, Food as Art
about Stephen Davies
Davies, Ch 2: Defining Art
The Aesthetics of Smelly Art
Rolston, Valuing Nature Aesthetically (on Positive Aesthetics)
Hettinger on Rolston's Positive Aesthetics
Allen Carlson, "Appreciation and the Natural Environment"
about Allen Carlson
Noel Carroll,"On Being Moved by Nature"
about Noel Carroll
Davies, Chapter 3: Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art
Serra's Tilted Arc as seem by Horowitz and Hearings
Dave Barry on Public Art (humor)
(Michael Kelly, "Public Art Controversy: The Serra and Lin Cases"
Midterm Study Questions
Davies, Chapter 4: Varieties of Art
Hettinger's Bibliography (includes some Aesthetics)
Davies, Chapter 5: Interpretation
Paper Assignment and Possible Topics
Alex Neill, Fiction and the Emotions
Davies, Chapter 6: Expression and Emotional Responses
Notes on Hettinger's "Animal Beauty and Env. Preservation"
Hettinger, Animal Beauty, Ethics and Environmental Preservation
Allen Carlson, Is Env. Art an Aesthetic Affront to Nature?
Davies, Chapter 7: Pictorial Representation and the Visual Arts
Kendall Walton, "Morals in Fiction and Fictional Morality"
about Kendall Walton
Davies, Chapter 8: The Value of Art