Explanation of midterm quiz scores

5 quizzes given so far.

On each quiz:

A check means you answered correctly and this is equal to a 4 =A

1/2 means I wasn't sure how much or if you read; this equals a 2 = C

A slash ------ means you did not answer correctly; it’s a 0 = F

So if add up all the #s on your quizzes (using above key)–including the free quizzes--and divide by 5 (for the 5 required quizzes), this will be the quiz grade number on the top of your quizzes.


I use the College’s grading scale

A 4.0

A- 3.7

B+ 3.3

B 3.0

B- 2.7

C+ 2.3

C 2.0

C- 1.7

D+ 1.3

D 1.0

D- 0.7

F 0.0