Study Questions on Oral Presentations Articles on Other Uses of Animals



2.         What is the LD50 test? Describe the possibility and progress in finding alternatives to animal testing in the U.S., and compare it to what is happening in Europe. Is it legitimate to cause animals suffering and death for the sake of smoother skin or another brand of shampoo? Are their types of animal tests that are easier to justify? Such as?

3.         Assess the ethical issues involved in hunting. Is hunting morally permissible (praiseworthy?) or not?

4.         What is one reason for thinking hunters are good environmentalists and one reason for thinking they are not?

5.         Is hunting a way of getting closer to nature? Argue both sides. What is your own view?

6.         Describe what is involved in commercial fishing. In what way does Singer argue commercial fishing (and even individual fishing) is worse that how other animals are killed for food?

7.         What is the evidence that Singer presents for the claim that fish feel pain.

8.          Describe how good zoos differ from bad zoos. Be specific. What is the strongest argument for the existence of zoos? What is the strongest criticism of zoos? Should elephants be kept in zoos?

9.         What is Ringling Brothers doing with its circus performing elephants and why? Should elephants perform in circuses? Should any wild animals perform in circuses?

10.       Explain Peta’s argument against the institution of pet ownership. Do you agree with their arguments? Why or why not? On their view, is it permissible for people to own pets today? Explain