Seven Ways Not to Think about the Natural
Ned Hettinger

"Unless we can make reasonable distinctions between what is natural and what is not, and why that difference is important, we are liable to be at the mercy of the engineers who want to remake all of nature, including our own. (From David Orr, from Ecological Literacy, p. 94.)"

Possible definitions of "natural" and whether or not humans or human behavior is "natural"

Seven problematic views of the natural and its relationship to humans

Is the following a plausible view on the natural? Being natural (b) is always (usually?) a good feature, a value contributing feature; the natural (wild) is a prima facie value. (This does not mean it is good all things considered, after subtracting value decreasing properties that the natural thing might also have.) For an argument in favor of the value of wildness/naturalness, see Hettinger and Throop (1999)

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