EVSS 695:003, Special Topics: Environmental Philosophy
Ned Hettinger, Spring 2011


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Emvironmental Aesthetics

Sunday, April 23, Paper Draft
Monday May 2, Final Exam, 12-3
Wedesday May 4, Final Paper




Monday, April 25
Parsons, Environmental Art
Parsons, Ch 8: Nature in the Garden (114-127) and Parsons, Ch 9: Art in Nature (128-140)
Rivers and Tides, Art of Andy Goldsworthy
(video, poor quality)
Wednesday, April 20
Parsons, Aesthetic Preservationism


Parsons, Ch 7: Aesthetics and the Preservation of Nature (95-113) (Lauren)


Monday, April 18:

Parsons, Pluralism

Parsons, Engagement

Parsons, Ch 5: Pluralism (66-80) and Parsons, Ch 6: Nature and the Disembodied Aesthetic (81-94)

Glenn Parsons

Wednesday, April 13:

Parsons, Formalism

Parsons, Science Approach

Parsons, Ch 3: Formalism (34-48) and Parsons, Ch 4: Science and Nature Aesthetics (49-65)

Monday, April 11:
Parsons, Ch 1 and Ch 2

Glenn Parsons, Aesthetics and Nature Ch 1: Approaching the Philosophy of Natural Beauty (1-17) and Parsons, Ch 2: Imagination, Belief, and the Aesthetics of Nature (18-33)

Climate Ethics
Wednesday, April 6:

Sinnott-Armstrong, Not My Fault

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, “It’s Not My Fault”


Monday, April 4:

Singer, One Atmosphere

Peter Singer “One Atmosphere” (Kathryn)


Christopher Preston, "Re-Thinking the Unthinkable: Environmental Ethics and the Presumptive Argument Against Geoengineering" (draft)

Friday-weekend: Paper summary and literature review      

Wednesday, Mar 30:
Gardner, Ethics and Climate Change
Caney, Climate Change, Human Rights, Moral Thresholds

Wednesday, Mar 30
Stephen Gardner, “Ethics and Global Climate Change”
Simon Caney, “Climate Change, Human Rights, and Moral Thresholds" (Liah)

Bjorn Lomborg, Skeptic

Monday, Mar 28:
Barry, Sustainability and Intergenerational Justice

Future Generations
Brian Barry, “Sustainability and Intergenerational Justice” (Samantha)

Wed, Mar 23:
Wenz, Consumerism and Human Nature

The Critique of Consumption

Peter Wenz, “Personal Choices, Consumerism, and Human Nature” (Kathryn)

Juliet Schor, "Clothes Encounter" (enviornmentall and socially conscientious consuming)

Juliet Schor, "Tackling Turbo Consumption"

Juliet Schor web site

Affluenza Video

Monday, Mar 21:

Jamieson, Nature's Future

Nature's Future

Jamieson, Ch 7, Nature's Future 181-205

World Population Growth

Who is World's Worst Polluter?

Will America move toward increased energy efficiency?

Dale Jamieson

Friday, Mar 18: Paper proposal due (topic and what articles you will use)

Schedule for Major Paper Assignment


Wednesday, March 16:

Rolston, Feeding People vs Saving Nature

Attfield's response

Humans versus Nature?

Holmes Rolston, “Feeding People vs Saving Nature" (Nick)

Robin Attfield, “Saving Nature, Feeding People, and Ethics”


Oxfam fact sheet on world hunger

Holmes Rolston, III


Monday, March 14:

Cronon, "The Trouble with Wilderness"

Key points Cronon

Foreman, Defense of Wilderness

Wilderness: Critique and Defense

William Cronon, “The Trouble with Wilderness; or, Getting Back to the Wrong Nature”(Gwyn)

Dave Foreman, “Wilderness Areas for Real”

Critiques of Wilderness

Ramachandra Guha,
"The Authoritarian Biologist and the Arrogance of Anti-Humanism: Wildlife
Conservation in the Third World

J. Baird Callicott, Contemporary Criticisms of the Received Wilderness Idea

about Dave Foreman


Cronon is a board members of Wilderness Society

More on Cronon

Spring Break
Friday, March 4th: Paper due      

Wednesday, March 2nd

Hettinger, Exotic Species

Exotic Species

Jamieson, Ch 6: Natives vs Exotics, pp. 175-180

Mark Woods and Paul Veatch Moriarty, "Strangers in a Strange Land: The Problem of Exotic Species"

Ned Hettinger, "Exotic Species, Naturalisation, and Biological Nativism"

Carl Zimmer, "Friendly Invaders" NY Times (2008)

Monday, Feb 28:

Jamieson on Natural Values

Thompson on Responsibility for the End of Nature

The Value and End of Nature

Jamieson, Ch 6: On “Natural values” and “Conflicts and Tradeoffs,” pp 162-175

Allen Thompson, “Responsibility for the End of Nature: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Global Warming” (Lauren)

Convergence Hypothesis

Wednesday, Feb 23:

Rolston, Converging versus Reconstituting

Holmes Rolston, “Converging versus Reconstituting Environmental Ethics”

Bryan Norton’s response to Rolston

Moday, Feb 21:

Minteer, Introduction

McShane, Anthropocentrism vs Nonanthropocentrism

Ben Minteer, Introduction to Nature in Common?

Katie McShane, “Anthropocentrism vs Nonanthopocentrism: Why Should we Care?” (Gwyn)
Friday, Feb 18: 1st paper proposal/description due      

Feb 16:
Jamieson on Intrinsic Value

Jamieson on Ways of Valuing Nature

Hill, Finding Value in Nature

Elliot, Instrumental Value as Basis for Intrinsic Value

Valuing Nature

Jamieson, “Intrinsic value” pp. 68-75 and “Valuing reconsidered,” “The plurality of values,” and “Aesthetic values” pp. 153-162

Thomas Hill, “Finding Value in Nature”

Robert Elliot, “Instrumental Value in Nature as a Basis for the Intrinsic Value of Nature as a Whole”


Feb 14:

Jamieson on Biocentrism

Jamieson on Ecocentrism

Leopold's Land Ethic

Callicott on the Land Ethic

Jamieson, Ch 6 on Biocentrism and Ecocentrism, pp. 145-153


Preface from A Sand County Almanac &
Aldo Leopold, “The Land Ethic” (1947) (Nick)

J. Baird Callicott, “The Land Ethic”

about Aldo Leopold

Feb 9:

Raterman, “An Environmentalist’s Lament on Predation”

Jeff McMahan, The Meat Eaters

Tyler Cowen, Policing Nature

Tyler Cowen, "Policing Nature"

Ty Raterman, "An Environmentalist’s Lament on Predation"

Jeffery McMahon, “The Meat Eaters” (Liah)

Feb 2 & 7:
McLean, Being Human is a Moral Concept
Jamieson, Ch 5: Humans and Other Animals
Douglas McLean, "Is Being Human a Moral Concept?" (pp. 16-20)
Jan 31: Hourdequin, Doing, Allowing, Precaution
Marion Hourdequin, "Doing, Allowing, and Precaution"
Jonathan Wiener website (Risk-Tradeoff Analysis advocate)

Jan 26:
Hursthouse, Env Virtue Ethics

Jamieson, Ch 4, Normative Ethics

Rosalind Hursthouse, “Environmental Virtue Ethics"

Jan 24:

Moriarity, Nature Naturalized

White, Historical Roots of Ecologic Crisis

Jamieson, An American Paradox

   Paul Moriarty, "Nature Naturalized: A Darwinian Defense of the Nature/Culture Distinction"

Lynn White, “On the Historical Roots of our Ecologic Crisis”

Jamieson, "An American Paradox"

Wendell Berry, "Christianity and the Survival of Creation"

Wendell Berry Joins Retired Coal Miners and Residents in Kentucky Rising Capitol Sit-in

Hettinger and Throop "On the Value of Wildness/Naturalness

Jan 19

Jamieson, Ch 1: Environment as an Ethical Question

Gunn, Rethinking Communities

Alastair Gunn, "Rethinking Communities: Environmental Ethics in an Urbanized World"
Editorial: Cram People Into Cities and Save the Earth
Readings on Environmental Ethics and Built Environment

Andrew Light, "The Urban Blind Spot in Environmental Ethics"

Future Readings

Future Readings

Future Readings
Future Readings






Representing Nature

John O’Neill, “Who Speaks for Nature





Monday, April 25

Parsons, Ch 8: Nature in the Garden (114-127) and Parsons, Ch 9: Art in Nature (128-140)