Ethics, Aesthetics, and Animals
Ned Hettinger, Fall 2011

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Unit on
Ethics & Animals

Michael Pollan, "An Animal's Place"

Pollan on how domestication benefited animals

Thursday, Dec 8, 12pm: Final Exam
A few final exam study questions
Monday, Dec 5,: Animal paper due (hard copy)
Requirements of Animal Paper
Thursday, Dec 1
Emily, CQ
Palmer, Ch 8
Palmer, Ch 8: Puzzling Through Some Cases and Conclusion, pp 141-166
Tuesday, Nov 29:
Palmer, Ch 7
Palmer, Ch 7: Some Problems and Questions, pp. 115-140
Before Thanksgiving
4-6 page draft of paper
Tuesday, Nov 22
CQ, Matt
Palmer, Ch 6
Palmer, Ch 6: Past Harms and Special Obligations, pp. 96-114

Thursday, Nov 17th
CQ, Cody

Palmer, Ch 4

Palmer, Ch 5

Palmer, Ch 4: Wildness, Domestication, and the Laissez-faire Intuition and Ch 5: Developing a New, Relational Approach, pp. 64-95


Tuesday, Nov 15
CQ, Teresa

Palmer, Ch 3
Palmer, Ch 3: Capacities, Contexts and Relations, pp. 44-63
Sat/Sun, Nov 12/13
Summary of two outside articles and how use due

Thursday, Nov 10
CQ, Tom

Palmer, Ch 2
Palmer, Ch 2: Capacity-Oriented Accounts of Animal Ethics, pp. 25-43

Tuesday, Nov 8
CQ, Shelby

Palmer, Introduction and Ch 1
Clare Palmer, Animal Ethics in Context (Columbia 2010) (hereafter “Palmer”), Introduction and Ch 1: Animals’ Capacities and Moral Status, pp. 1-24
order of critical questions after Shelby: Tom Chap 2, Teresa Ch 3, Cody Ch 4/5, Matt Ch 6, No one Ch 7, Emily Ch 8

Thursday, Nov 3
CQ, Joe

Nussbaum, Part 3
continue reading Nussbaum, pp. 388-407 of "Beyond Compassion"
Some articles on capabilities approach and animals
Tuesday, Nov 1
CQ, Natalia
Nussbaum, Part 2
continue reading Nussbaum, pp. 357-388 of "Beyond Compassion . . ."

Article on Predation in Nature Problematic:
Jeffery McMahon, “The Meat Eaters"

Sat/Sunday 30/31 Paragraph on animal ethics paper topic email,  
Thursday, Oct 27
In class video
The Witness
Audio: The Witness
Tuesday, Oct 25
CQ, Emily
Nussbaum, Beyond Compassion, Part 1
Martha Nussbaum, “Beyond ‘Compassion and Humanity’: Justice for Nonhuman Animals” in Frontiers of Justice: Disability, Nationality, and Species Membership. (Harvard 2006) , pp. 325-356.

Thursday, Oct 20
CQ Tyler

Korsgaard, Fellow Creatures (second part)
Christine Korsgaard , “Fellow Creatures: Kantian Ethics and Our Duties to Animals” in the Tanner Lectures on Human Values (2004), pp. 92-110
Fall Break
Oct 13, CQ Joe
Korsgaard, Fellow Creatures (first part)
Christine Korsgaard , “Fellow Creatures: Kantian Ethics and Our Duties to Animals” in the Tanner Lectures on Human Values (2004), pp. 77-92
Oct 11, CQ Allie
Jamieson, Animal Rights and Demands of Nature
Dale Jamieson, "The Rights of Animals and the Demands of Nature," Environmental Values 17 (2008), pp. 181-199.

Predation videos
Bottlenose Dolphins: Mudflat Hunting
Cheetahs eating Wildebeest
Hyena eating Zebra

Jane Godall: Chimpanzees and War


Oct 4,6 CQ Lauren
Williams, The Human Prejudice
Bernard Williams, “The Human Prejudice,” Philosophy as a Humanistic Discipline (Princeton, 2006), pp. 135-154
Monday, Oct 3
Paper on Ethics and Aesthetics Due
Hard Copy, 14 Glebe, inside mailbox, please
Sept 29
Singer, Taking Life

Peter Singer, “Taking Life: Animals” from On the Human (2011)

Goose/human friendship video
Unit on
Ethics & Aesthetics
Sept 27
Exam on Ethics and Aesthetics material
Some ( incomplete) study questions
Sep 22

Hettinger, Animal Beauty (powerpoint)

Hettinger, Animal Beauty

Ned Hettinger, “Animal Beauty, Ethics, and Environmental Preservation”
Saving Ugly Animals
Sep 20
Eaton, Aes/Ethics in Environment
Marcia Eaton, Ch 12: Aesthetics and Ethics in the Environment, pp. 175-196, from Merit, Aesthetic and Ethical (Oxford, 2001)
Sep 15
Eaton, Aesthetics the Mother of Ethics?

Marcia Eaton, Ch 7: Aesthetics: The Mother of Ethics?, pp. 81-94, from Merit, Aesthetic and Ethical (Oxford, 2001)

Marcia Eaton, Part III, “Integrating Aesthetic and Moral Value,” pp. 95-97, from Merit, Aesthetic and Ethical (Oxford, 2001)           

Articles in favor of separation aesthetics and ethics

William Gass_"Goodness_Knows_Nothing_of_Beauty: On the Distance between Morality and Art"

Richard Posner, "Against Ethical Criticism"

Sept 13
Eaton, Taking Aesthetics Seriously and the Separatist Mistake

Marcia Eaton, Part II: Taking the Aesthetic Seriously, pp. 55-56, from Merit, Aesthetic and Ethical (Oxford, 2001)

Marcia Eaton, Ch 5: The Separatist Mistake, pp. 57-69, from Merit, Aesthetic and Ethical (Oxford, 2001)

Industrial Scars: The Art of Environmental Pollution
Sept 6 & Sept 8
Kieran, Art, Morality and Ethics
Matthew Kieran, “Art, Morality and Ethics: On the (Im)Moral Character of Art Works and Inter-Relations to Artistic Value”
Karen Hanson, "How Bad Can Good Art Be?"
Sept 1
Gaut, Ethical Criticism of Art
Berys Gaut, "The Ethical Criticism of Art"

Encyclopedia article on the ethical criticism of art

Daniel Jacobson, “In Praise of Immoral Art,” Philosophical Topics XXV 1 Spring 1994

Aug 30
Gaut, Just Joking

Berys Gaut, “Just Joking: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Humor”
through library or html file

Bibliography on Humor
Aug 25
Devereaux, Beauty and Evil
Mary Devereaux, "Beauty and Evil: The Case of Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will"

Triumph of the Will (video)
Holocaust time line 1934
Night of the Long Knives 1934

Edward Burtynsky Photographs