Introduction to Philosophy: Beliefs and Values (SP 06)

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Notes   Resources and Readings
Rachels, Chapter One: What is Morality?
About James Rachels
Rachels, Chapter Two: Cultural Relativism   Superior Culture Policy
Rolston, Must Aesthetic Appreciation of Landscapes be Science Based?
Holmes Rolston
Rachels, Chapter Three: Subjectivism  
Richard Mohr, Gay Basics

Richard Mohr

Recent Book

Recent Issues Concerning Gays
Michael Levin, Homosexuality, Abnormality, and Civil Rights
Michael Levin
Richard Taylor, God (Cosmological Argument for God's Existence)
Richard Taylor
Basis for Moralitiy natural or supernatural?
Bertrand Russell, Why I Am Not a Christian
Bertrand Russell
Alvin Plantinga, A Defense of Religious Exclusivism
Alvin Plantinga
Can Nonbelievers Be Saved?
Dostoevsky, The Sufferings of Little Children
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Possible Theodicies
More on Dostoevsky
John Hick, The Problem of Evil and Evil and the Infinite Future Good
John Hick
Wes Morrison's Home Page (Philosopher of Religion)
Rachels, Ch. 4: Does Religion Depend on Morality?    
Below after Midterm    
Rachels, Ch5: Psychological Egoism    
Rachels, Ch 6: Ethical Egoism    
Rachels, Ch 7: Utilitarianism    
J. Baird Callicott, Animal Liberation: A Triangular Affair J. Baird Callicott Aldo Leopold
Holmes Rolston III
Rachels, Ch 8: Debate over Utilitarianism    
Rachels, Ch 9: Are There Absolute Moral Rules? Immanuel Kant  
Rachels, Ch 10: Kant and Respect for Persons    
Rachels, Ch 10: Retributive and Utilitarian views of Punishment    
Rachels, Ch 11: The Idea of a Social Contract    
Joel Feinberg, Hard Cases for the Harm Principle Joel Feinberg  
Rachels, Ch 12: Feminism and the Ethics of Care    
Rachels, Ch 13: The Ethics of Virtue    
Rachels, Ch 14: What Would a Satisfactory Moral Theory Be Like?    
Final Exam Study Questions