Seminar on Natural Beauty
Ned Hettinger, Spring 2008


Readings List

Readings and Miscellaneous
Leopold’s “Conservation Esthetic”
Fisher and Hettinger, Why Environmental Aesthetics?

Ronald Hepburn, "Contemporary Aesthetics and the Neglect of Natural Beauty"

Monroe Beardsley, "The Aesthetic Point of View"
Alan Goldman, "The Aesthetic"
Yuriko Saito, "Everyday Aesthetics"
Paul Moriarty, "Nature Naturalized"
Hettinger, "Seven Ways Not To Think About The Natural"
John O'Neill, "The Varieties of Intrinsic Value"
Hettinger and Throop, "A Defense of Wildness/Naturalness Value"
Alan Goldman, "The Experiential Account of Aesthetic Value"
J. Baird Callicott, "The Land Aesthetic"
Allen Carlson, "Appreciation and the Natural Environment"
Environmental Aesthetics Journals
Thomas Heyd, "Aesthetic Appreciation and the Many Stories of Nature"
Hettinger Bibliography
Patricia Matthews, "Scientific Knowledge and the Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature"
Audio (NPR): Americans Spending Less Time in Nature
Robert Stecker, "Environmental Aesthetics: Natural Beauty"
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy on Environmental Aesthetics
Noel Carroll, "On Being Moved by Nature: Between Religion and Natural History"
John Fisher's Course on Environmental Aesthetics
Allen Carlson, "Formal Qualities in the Natural Environment"
Nick Zangwill, "Formal Natural Beauty"
Polar Bear Swimming Underwater
Emily Brady, "Multi-Sensuous Engagement "
Emily Brady, On Disinterestedness
Emily Brady, "Ch 6: Imagination, Emotion, and Knowledge"
Marcia Eaton, "Fact and Fiction in the Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature"
Robert Fudge, "Imagination and the Science-Based Aesthetic Appreciation of Unscenic Nature"
Plato and Platypus
Arnold Berleant, "The Aesthetics of Environment"
Allen Carlson, "Nature, Aesthetic Judgment, and Objectivity"
John Fisher, "What the Hills Are Alive With: In Defense of the Sounds of Nature"
Malcolm Budd on Freedom and Relativity in Nature Appreciation
Ned Hettinger, "Objectivity in Environmental Aesthetics and Protection of the Environment"
Ronald Hepburn, "Trivial and Serious in the Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature"
Fisher and Hettinger on Objectivity and Envrionmental Aesthetics
Yuriko Saito, "The Aesthetics of Unscenic Nature"
Ron Moore Visit: Imagination, Natural Beauty, Aesthetic and Moral Judgments
Hettinger, "Positive Aesthetics for Nature" (Draft)
Fisher & Hettinger, "Environmentalist Worries about the Relevance of Aesthetics "
Suggestions For Writing Your Philosophy Paper