Nature, Technology, and Society
Ned Hettinger, Fall 05

Schedule of Assignments
Paper Assignment and Topic Suggestions
Suggestions for Writing Your Philosophy Paper

Notes on Readings
Other Resources
Magnus & Caplan on Morals in GMO Debate  
Leon Kass, The Wisdom of Repugnance
Dan Brock, Cloning Human Beings
Carl Elliott, Enhancement Technology
Hettinger, Alaska, Oil, & Energy  
Robert Elliott, Faking Nature
Eric Katz, The Big Lie
Holmes Rolston, Restoration
Jared Diamond, Must We Shoot Deer to Save Nature?
Mendelson et al., Carving Up The Woods
Steve Packard, Restoring Oak Ecosystems
William Jordan, Ecological Restoration as the Basis for a New Environmental Paradigm  
Hettinger's presentation on Restoration (powerpoint file)  
Consumption Ethics Bibliography
Jerome Segal, Are We Simple Creatures?  
John De Graaf, Affluenza
Juliet Schor, Clothes Encounter
Juliet Schor, A New Economic Critique of Consumer Society  
Judith Lichtenberg, Consuming Because Others Consume  
Jerome Segal, Consumer Expenditures and the Growth in Need-Required Income  
David Orr, Ecological Design
Carl Pope, Let's Get Technical