Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy 255, Fall 08, Hettinger

Reading Notes
For Class
Craig and Moreland, "Kalam Cosmological Argument"
Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life: U.S. Religious Landscape Survey
Draper, "A Critique of the Kalam Cosmological Argument"
Schedule of Assignments and Readings
Cosmic Fine Tuning (from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Collins, " A Scientific Argument for the Existence of God"
Sober, "What is Wrong with Intelligent Design?"
Elliott Sober, “What is Wrong with Intelligent Design?”
Dan Dennett, "Show Me the Science"
Dawkins, "Science versus Religion"
Templeton Foundation on Science and Religion
Gould, "Non-Overlapping Magisteria"
Freud, "The Future of an Illusion"
Broad, "The Argument from Religious Experience"
Dosteovsky, "Rebellion"
Possible Theodicies
Hume, "The Argument from Evil"
Hick's Theodicy

John Hick's web page

Hick on The Problem of Evil

Hick on Evil and the Infinite Future Good

Madden & Hare, "A Critique of Hick's Theodicy"
Mackie, "Evil and Omnipotence"
Arthur, "Religious Establishment"
John_Arthur, on Separation of Church & State, Chs 5&6 The Unfinished Constitution



Faith and Philosophy (journal)
Philo: Journal of the Society for Humanist Philosophers (includes articles in philosophy of religion)
Copleston/Russell BBC 1948 debate on the existence of God Text Audio
Philosopher of Religion Wes Morriston's web page

*Visit with Herb Silverman*

Silverman, "A Candidate Without a Prayer"

Silverman, "Oxford Union Debate"

New: Humanist Principles

Secular Coalition of America

Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry

C of C Atheist/Humanist Alliance

Russell, "Why I Am Not A Christian"

Russell, "Why I Am Not A Christian"

Statement of Humanist Principles

Video clip: Jonathan Miller on the power of religious belief (from "A Brief History of Disbelief") Another site with clips from this series
Russell, "A Free Man's Worship"

The Meaning of Life (Stanford Encyclopedia of Phil.)

Mavrodes, "Religion and the Queerness of Morality"
Religion and Morality
Panel Discussion on Religulous (text)
Video of Panel Discussion on Religulous
Adam Parker about Panel Discussion
Adam Parker's critique of "Religulous"
Trailer for Religulous
Pascal, "The Wager"
Pascal's Wager (from Stanford Ency. of Phil.)
Clifford, "The Ethics of Belief"
James, "The Will to Believe"
Muslims and Catholics Meet to Stem Violence (audio)
Pojman, "Faith, Hope, Doubt"
Hick, "Religious Pluralism and Ultimate Reality"
Can Non-Believers Be Saved?
The Dalai Lama on World Religions
Plantinga, "A Defense of Religious Exclusivism"
Olen, "Personal Identity and Life After Death"
White, "Historical Roots of our Ecologic Crisis"
Lynn White, “The Historical Roots of our Ecologic Crisis”
Forum on Religion and Ecology
Notes on Religion and Environment
Ari Goldman, "Focus of Earth Day Should Be On Man, Cardinal Cautions"

Religion, Nature, and Progress (a conference)
Conference on Religion and Environment (another)

Berry, "Christianity and the Survival of Creation"
Wendell Berry, "Christianity and the Survival of Creation"
McCain Evolution and God in the Grand Canyon
Hettinger, "Ecospirituality"