Environmental Ethics
Ned Hettinger, Fall 2015


by Katie Kerbel

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Reading Assignments

Class Notes

Justice and Nature’s Future

Monday, Dec 7: Jamieson, 196-205 (on “Visions of the future”)

Jamieson on Nature's Future
Let's Save Last Pristine Continent by Robert Swan
Wed, Dec 9, 4pm, Science Auditorium, SSMB 129
(Free Quiz Opportunity)

Friday, Dec 4: Jamieson, pp. 181-196 (on “Travails of the biosphere” and “Questions of justice”)


Fossil Fuel-Free Portfolios by Greg Garvan and Brady Quirk-Garvan
Meeting of local Sierra Club
Thurs., December 3, 2015, 7 pm 284 Calhoun St., Baruch Auditorium (MUSC)
(Free Quiz Opportunity)

Environmental Activism

Wednesday, Dec 2: Oral Presentations (8) on Environmental Action

 No Impact Man trailer and Lessons from Low Impact Week

Derrick Jensen, “Forget Shorter Showers” (if interested, see also: The Story of Change – Video)

 Peter Singer “Ends and Means

Wendell Berry, Speech Against the State Government and Mountain Top Removal

Sierra,  "Would You Ever Break The Law in Support of an Environmental Goal?"

Questions on Environmental Action


Fake Ads at Climate Conference

Animal rights 'terrorists'? Legality of industry-friendly law to be challenged

Sea Shepherd's: A Renegade Trawler, Hunted for 10,000 Miles by Vigilantes



Monday, Nov 30: William Cronon, “The Trouble with Wilderness; or, Getting Back to the Wrong Nature”



Cronon on The Trouble with Wilderness

Paris Climate Conference opens today


Saving Wild Places in the Anthropocene, Science Friday (Audio) with William Cronon

Don't Tinker with the 1964 Wilderness Act

The Wildernist
A student conservation magazine based out of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Hettinger/Throop reprinted Wildness paper at Wildernist

Thanksgiving Break 
***Paper due, Tuesday, Nov 24, 1pm, paper copy, inside mailbox 14 Glebe

Monday, Nov 23: Oral Presentation (7) on wilderness

Rethinking the Wild: The Wilderness Act Is Facing a Mid-life Crisis

Eco-millionaire's land grab prompts fury

John Perry, “The Nature of Wilderness

The Wilderness Paradox (A 4 page article)

Monbiot on Rewilding 

Question on Wilderness

Monbiot TED talk on Rewilding (video)

Friday, Nov 20: Jamieson, pp 162-168 (on “Natural values”)       

Meaning and Value of the Natural and Wild

Jamieson on Natural Values


Wednesday, Nov 18: Oral Presentations (6) on Managing Nature

Sierra, To What Extent Should Humans Manage Nature If At All?

Jamieson, pp., 169-171 (on “Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep versus mountain lions”)

Marris et al, Hope in the Age of Man (The Anthropocene)

Erle Ellis on Anthropocene and human created nature (8 min video)

Holmes Rolston, “Managing The Planet

Questions on Managing Nature


Kolbert on Anthropocene

Monday, Nov 16

Jamieson, pp. 68-75 ( on “Intrinsic value”)
Jamieson, pp. 153-162 (on “Valuing reconsidered,” “The plurality of values,” and “Aesthetic values”)

Jamieson on Intrinsic Value

Jamieson on Ways of Valuing Nature

“How to Get a Job Saving the Planet: Sustainability Careers in Business, NGOs, & Government” by Eban Goodstein
Tuesday, Nov 17th, 3-4pm, Addlestone Library, Rm 227
Free Quiz Opportunity

“New Rules for Climate Protection: Student & Citizen Action to Change the Future” by Eban Goodstein
Tuesday, Nov 17th, 7-9pm Arnold Hall @ the Jewish Studies Building (corner of Glebe/Wentworth)
Free Quiz Opportunity

*****Friday, Nov 13: No Class*****

Nov 11: Oral Presentations (5) on the meaning and value of the natural

 Do what is natural, you say? (reading begins on bottom of page)

Saving a Drowning Buffalo or Letting Nature Take its Course?

Tortoises with ipads

Niagara Falls: America's Most Unnatural Wonder

Bill McKibben’s “The End of Nature?

Questions on the Meaning and Value of the Natural

The use of terms like 'natural' is “one of the most copious sources of false taste, false philosophy, false morality and even bad law” ( J.S. Mill:)

The Technological Education of a Luddite (watching Old Faithful blow via webcam)

Monday, Nov 9:

Franzen, "Carbon Capture: Has climate change made it harder for people to care about conservation?"

Jamieson "The rise and fall of America’s climate deniers: How politics hijacked the fight against global warming"

Climate Change

Obama rejects Keystone Pipeline and U.S. Takes Lead in Climate Fight

Freedom Summer Events

Friday, Nov 6: Henry Shue, “Deadly Delays, Saving Opportunities: Creating a More Dangerous World?

Shue on Climate Change


Ski Dubai Indoor skiing (a look at the future?)

Politicians Debating Global Warming
Sculpture by Isaac Cordal

Which Sea Level Rise Will We Lock In?

Alaska wants more oil drilling to pay for global warming

Rolling Stone Interview with President Obama about Climate

Political Humor aimed at Global Warming Deniers (video)

Climate Change, the Poor, and Faith

Wednesday, Nov 4

Jamieson, pp. 175-180 (on “Natives versus exotics”)

Natives and Exotics: Don’t Judge Species by their Origin

Native vs Exotic Species

Jamieson on Natives versus Exotics

Questions on Don't Judge Species by their Origin

Sierra Club Meeting, Carmen Ketron, MUSC Urban Farm Manager
Thurs., Nov. 5, 7 pm, 284 Calhoun
(Free Quiz Opportunity)

Exotic Asian Carp (video)

Monday, Nov 2: Holmes Rolston, Duties to Endangered Species


Rolston on Endangered Species


The Science
Earth has lost half of its wildlife in the past 40 years
Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction, Broad Study Says
Collapse of the world’s largest herbivores
The Sixth Mass Extinction is Here, say Stanford researchers

Respecting Evolution (Brian Norton)
De-Extinction: "Extinct Species Should Stay Extinct"

"…Children are disappearing from the outdoors at a rate that would make them top of any conservationist’s list of endangered species if they were any other member of the animal kingdom." 
Tim Gill, British play advocate in The Ecologist

Maya Lin's What is Missing?

Friday, Oct 30: Jamieson, pp. 149-153 (on “Ecocentrism”)


Jamieson on Ecocentrism

Sustainble Seafood Greenbag
Friday, Oct 30, 12-1, Stern Ctr Ballroom
(Free Quiz Opportunity)

Thursday, Oct 29: Paper proposal due by email (hettingern@cofc.edu)

Paper assignment and topics

On Nietzsche's Will to Power and Environmentalism (I hope)
Maudemarie Clark, Colgate University
Thursday, Oct 29, 6:30, Alumni Hall, Randolph Hall
(Free Quiz Opportunity)

Green Corp Deadline Friday

Additional Cowspiracy Showing, Thursday, October 29, 7 pm
Gage Hall, 4 Archdale

Wednesday, Oct 28

Aldo Leopold, “Preface to Sand County Almanac”                        

Aldo Leopold “The Land Ethic

Leopold's Land Ethic

About Aldo Leopold

Rights for Nature?
Sued by the Forest: Should Nature Be Able to Take You To Court?
Equador Constitution Rights for Nature 2008

Congress Against Nature (2015)

Pasque Flower

Monday, Oct 26: Oral Presentations (4) on ecocentric holism vs. individualism

Roger Caras, “There are Two Ways of Looking at it”       

“States Seek Ok to Kill Sea Lions”

Kill the Cat That Kills the Bird?” (Full article link on right)

Can Hunting Endangered Animals Save Species? (14 minutes video) 

Jamieson, pp. 172-175 (on “Feral goats versus endemic plants”)

Questions on Ecocentric Holism vs Individualism

Kill the Cat that Kills the Bird (Full article)

Piping Plover

Sea Lion

African Impala

Scimitar horned oryx

San Clemente goats

Endangered San Clemente Indian Paint Brush

Friday, Oct 23: Jamieson, pp. 145-149 (on “Biocentrism”)


Jamieson on Biocentrism


Nature does not need us, we need nature (2 min video)

Indian Mob Kills Muslim Man for Eating Beef

Wednesday, Oct 21: Paul Taylor, “Priority Principles

Monday (and Tuesday) Oct 19 & 20: Fall Break

Taylor's Priority Principles

Dogs Lazy or Dumb Compared to Ancestor Wolves

Major Myths about the Environment
by Peter Kareiva (read carefully and be skeptical)

Friday, Oct 16: Paul Taylor,
The Ethics of Respect for Nature” (long article)

Taylor's Biocentric Individualism

Colbert Meatless Mondays and Plant Communication Research

Plant communication

Michael Pollan, The Intelligent Plant

Wednesday,  Oct 14: Midterm Exam

Answer key midterm exam

***Midterm Exam Study Questions***

Explanation of midterm quiz scores

Cowspiracy Film Showing
Thursday, Oct 15, 7-9, SSMB 129
(Free quiz opportunity)

Can Free Markets Save the Environment?
Wednesday, October 14, 5pm, Tate 202 (School of Business)
(Free quiz opportunity)

Monday, Oct 12

Mark Sagoff, “Animal Liberation and Environmental Ethics: Bad Marriage, Quick Divorce


Environmental Ethics and Animals


Sagoff of Animal Liberation and Environmental Ethics

Lion eating buffalo alive (In class video)
Jeffrey McMahan, “The Meat Eaters

The Rhino Hunter
Radiolab (audio) Defense of Trophy Hunting (minutes 39-42, Richard Leakey's objection)

Moral Behavior of Animals?
Animal Social Behavior: Orangutan and Hound Dog
Goose/Human friendship
Do monkeys have a sense of fairness?
Frans de Waal: Moral behavior in animals
Marc Bekoff, Animals can tell right from wrong

Friday Oct 9:

Michael Pollan, “An Animal’s Place

Jamieson, pp. 131-144 (on “The conscientious omnivore, vegetarians and vegans, and animals and other values”)

Ted Kerasote on Vegetable Farming vs Hunting

Pollan on an Animal's Place

Jamieson on Conscientious Omnivores

PhilosoFest This Friday, Saturday on Campus

Over 80% of Americans believe Nature has Intrinsic Value

Bill McKibben, "The Only Way to Have a Cow"


 Friday, Oct 2: Jamieson pp. 120-131 (on “Using animals” and “Killing versus causing pain”)

Jamieson on Using Animals

Jamieson on Killing vs Causing Pain

Hettinger on When/Why Wrong to Kill

Forks Over Knives (Film), Thurs, Oct 8, Addlestone Library 227, 7pm
(Free quiz opportunity)

"Current Conservation Priorities for South Carolina"
Benton Wislinski, Lobbyist and Conservation Coordinator S.C. Sierra Club,Thurs, Oct 1,7 pm MUSC Baruch Auditorium, 284 Calhoun Street
(Free quiz opportunity)

There may be flowing water on Mars. But is there intelligent life on Earth? George Monbiot

Anti-Recycling Opinion Piece
(Ignores main reason to recycle: Take less from Earth)

Wednesday, Sep 30:

Tom Regan, “The Case for Animal Rights

Jamieson, pp. 116-120 (on “Regan’s rights theory”)  

Regan on Animal Rights

Jamieson on Regan

Downer Cow Video

Headless Chickens?

Meat from a Test Tube?

Monday, Sep 28:                                                  

Peter Singer, “All Animals are Equal

Jamieson, pp. 112-116 (on “Singer’s animal liberation”)

Singer on Equality for Animals

Jamieson on Singer

Peter Singer with Steven Colbert

Fair is fair, Larry

Force Feeding Geese for Foie Gras

Friday, Sep 25: Oral Presentations (3) on Other Uses of Animals

Animal Experimentation: “In U.S., Few Alternatives to Testing on Animals

Hunting: Douglas Chadwick, “The American Hunting Myth

Fishing: If Fish Could Scream (Peter Singer on Fishing Methods)

Zoos: Susan Freinkel, “Why I Still Believe in the Zoo,” Marc Bekoff, “Thick skins, tender hearts and broken spirits,” and Ringling Brothers Circus to End Use of Elephants

Pets: “Animal Rights Uncompromised: ‘Pets’

Questions on other uses of animals

Is Fishing More Problematic than Hunting?


An Alternative to Animal Testing

Hunting Endangered Species to Save Them?

Elephant and Bull Hook

Wednesday, Sep 23: Oral Presentations (2) on Using Animal for Food

Nicholas Kristoff, “Can We See Our Hypocrisy to Animals?

U.S. Research Lab Lets Livestock Suffer in Quest for Profit

Walmart Pushes for Improved Animal Welfare

 Give Thanks for Meat (Pro eating meat essay contest winner; if interested see also other finalists essays)

 Sierra, "Can You Eat Meat and Consider Yourself an Environmentalist?" (for oral presenter, I recommend reading ahead – Jamieson 121-125)

Questions on Eating Animals

McDonald's to Switch to Cage-Free Eggs

Eat Only What You Kill?


Pigs in gestation crates

Hens in battery cages


Greenbag on Recycling, Wed 12-1, 86 Wentworth

Powerpoint on Moral Reasons to Recycle

Jamieson, pp. 102-112 (on “Speciesism”)

Jamieson on Speciesism

Race and Urban Planning: The North, The South
3:00 p.m. on Mon, Sept 21, in Admissions Auditorium
(Free quiz opportunity)

What is Wrong with Speciesism?
Shelly Kagan lecture (audio)
McMahan interviewing Kagan on Speciesism

Speciesism The Movie (trailer)

Friday, Sep 18: “The Witness
(In class movie)

Questions and notes about The Witness



Wed, Sep 16: Oral Presentations (1) on Owning Nature, Property Rights, and Takings

 “Who Owns the Moon?

Property Rights and ‘Takings’ Legislation

Andrew Kahrl, “Beaches Are an American Right and Environmental Necessity”

Reed Watson, “Allow the Free Market to Protect the Environment”

'Claim the Sky' by Claiming Our Common Property Rights and Establishing an Atmospheric Trust

Property and Environment

Questions on Property and Environment

Takings, Property Rights, and Respect for Nature

"This Land is Our Land"
(About hiking Pacific Crest Trail and the wonders of free access to America's vast public lands)

Don't Drill S.C. Lowcountry
Tuesday, Sept 15, 6:30, 32 Patriot's Point Rd
(Free quiz opportunity)
Protect our Coast: No Offshore Oil Drilling
The Great Invisible (film trailer on Deep Water Horizon Oil Disaster)
Post and Courier editorial on dangers of SC offshore oil drilling

Fall 2015 Garden Apprentice Application due Wednesday, Sept 16 (noon)
About Green Fee Fund

Monday, Sep 14: Peter Wenz, “Just Garbage

Environmental Justice

Wenz on Environmental Justice

Toxic child
A Global Graveyard for Dead Computers in Ghana
Times story about shipping toxics to Africa
Study indicating Environmental Injustice in Charleston

Friday, Sep 11: Pope Francis on Environment

Faith and Science Can Find Common Ground

 Pope's Encyclical on Environment

 Pope Francis’ Call to Action Goes Beyond the Environment

Religion and Environment

Faith/Science Common Ground

Summary of Pope's ideas on Env

Critique of Pope as a "Catastrophist"

Barry Lopez talk and reception
Thursday, Sept 10th, 7pm, Charleston Museum, 360 Meeting St.
(Free quiz opportunity)
Interview with Lopez
**Now Free for Students**
Call the Birds of Prey Center (the sponsor) and reserve a ticket at Will Call by speaking with Kara in  the office at 843-971-7474

Pope Francis on "Care For Our Common Home"

An Analysis of Pope Francis' Critique of Technology

Wed, Sep 9: Two readings 

Lynn White, “The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis

Jamieson, “Religion and Worldviews” 20-22

White on Roots of Ecological Crisis

Jamieson on Religion and Environment

Wendell Berry, Christianity and the Survival of Creation
Monday, Sep 7: William Baxter, “The Case for Optimal Pollution

Anthropocentrism and an Economic Approach to Environment

Baxter's Anthropocentrism

Friday, Sep 4: Jamieson, pp. 14-20 (Economics)

Economics and Environment

Jamieson on Economics


Survey to support (or oppose) bike/ped lane on Ashley river bridge
About the Ashley river bridge bike and pedestrian lane

Obama, Alaska, Climate Change

"Free Market Environmentalism"

Wed, Sep 2: Ron Arnold, "Wise Use

Critiques of Environmentalism

Arnold's Critique of Environmentalism

Kareiva video notes


Peter Kareiva, Environmentalist Critique of Environmentalism (7 minute video)

 The Breakthrough Institute
Decoupling as Conservation Strategy by Breakthrough Institute

Green Projects are a U.N. Plot?
Where Some See "Smart Growth," Other See U.N. Plot
Kansas bill would ban sustainable development spending


Lunz (Charleston) Group of Sierra Club Sept Newsletter

Solar roadways video

Mon, Aug 31: Paul Veach Moriarty, “Nature Naturalized: A Darwinian Defense of the Nature/Culture Distinction

Are Humans Natural?

Moriarty on Humans and Nature

Table of criticisms and replies

Rudy Mancke on humans part of nature, preserve/conserve and nature's resilience

Friday, Aug 28: Dale Jamieson, Ethics and the Environment: An Introduction, pp. 1-13


Jamieson, Ch 1: 1-13



Dale Jamieson webpage
Jamieson in the New York Times
Jamieson and Singer on "Reason in a Dark Time" (56 min video)

Graphs of Environmental Degradation and Human Expansion

China starts televising the sunrise on giant TV screens because Beijing is so clouded in smog
Air Pollution Killing 4,000 a Day in China

George Monbiot, How Wolves Change Rivers (4 ½ min in class video)

Are Solar Farms Blights on the Landscape?

Wednesday, Aug 26: Introduction

Sierra Club Interns

About the Ocean "Garbage Patches"

A Taste of Plastic
A recent study found that people ingest as many as 11,000 plastic particles per year in their food, and that those who eat a lot of seafood may be consuming much more than that





Pope's Encyclical on Environment
An Analysis of Pope Francis' Critique of Technology
Pope Francis’ Call to Action Goes Beyond the Environment








Franzen, "Carbon Capture: Has climate change made it harder for people to care about conservation?"
Global Climate Change Week, October 19-25, 2015






Animals Erased

(Humor: Peter Singer with Steven Colbert)
Predation: Lion eating buffalo alive


 'Claim the sky' by claiming our common property rights and establishing an atmospheric trust.






Saving a Drowning Buffalo or Letting Nature Take its Course?
McKibben's End of Nature

Do What Is Natural, You Say?


Bernie Sanders on the Climate and More