Environmental Ethics
Philosophy 155, Ned Hettinger, Spring 2010

*Schedule of Assignments
*Oral Presentation Schedule 12:15
*Oral Presentation Schedule 1:40
*Suggestions for Writing Philosophy Papers

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*Grading Scale
* Midterm Study Questions
*Hettinger Bibliography
*Paper Assignment and Some Topics

*Final Exam Study Questions

Jamieson, Ch 1: “Environment as an ethical question”

*Urban Blind Spot in Envrionmental Ethics
*Images: Needles, Canyonlands, Druid Arch
Elephant Canyon , Off-road vehicles
*"The Sixth Extinction"
*Is Geoengineering the Lesser Evil?
*Summer's Memo: More Pollution for 3rd World
*Lynn White, "The Historical Roots of our Ecologic Crisis"
*Wendell Berry, "Christianity and the Survival of Creation"
*"Afloat in the Ocean, Expanding Islands of Trash"

Videos to help with ecological literacy

How we have failed our children

The Story of Stuff (on

Sylvia Earle, "The World is Blue: How our Fate and the Oceans are One"



Are Humans Natural?
Paul Moriarty, “Nature Naturalized: A Darwinian Defense of the Nature/Culture Distinction”

Hettinger and Throop on the Value of Wildness (Naturalness)
Seven Ways Not To Think About The Natural

Cumberland Island National Seashore (Georgia)
Wise Use, Anthropocentrism, and an Economic Approach to Environment
Arnold on Environmentalism and "Wise Use"
Baxter, The Case for Optimal Pollution
William Baxter, “The Case for Optimal Pollution"

*Is the Recession Good for the Environment?
*"Prosperity without growth"
*Health Costs of Port Pollution in Charleston
*Vertical Garden on Building to Save Energy

Environmental Justice
Wenz, "Just Garbage"
Short outline of above
Peter Wenz, "Just Garbage"
News about government environmental justice policy
Population, Immigration, and Environment
Property and Environment
Study questions on Property and the Environment

"Who Owns the Moon?"
“Groups push rules for shorter, fewer docks ”
"Persuasive case to limit docks”
Tragedy of the Commons
"Whales for Sale"
“‘Takings’ and Property Rights”
“Property Rights and ‘Takings’ Legislation”

Ned Hettinger, "Who Owns Nature"

Overview of Takings, Property Rights, and Respect for Nature

Georgia group fights docks

Red-Cockaded Woodpecker

Environmental Ethics and Animals

The Witness
Jamieson on Speciesism

*Animal Consciousness
*Nussbaum, Facing Animal Complexity

Twilight Zone: To Serve Man
Study questions for oral presentations on some human uses of animals
*“California voters pass initiative to modernize food animal production”
*“New organic rules guarantee pasture for grazers”
*“Animal Research -- LD50"
*“Head-Injury Research Using Monkeys”
*Marc Bekoff, “Thick skins, tender hearts and broken spirits”

*Susan Freinkel, “Why I Still Believe in the Zoo”

Video of Downer Cows at Westland/Hallmark Meat Company

Philosophy of Hunting

Singer, All Animals are Equal
Jamieson on Singer
Peter Singer, “All Animals are Equal”
PolluterHarmony (humor)

Regan, The Case for Animal Rights
Jamieson on Regan
Jamieson on Using Animals
Jamieson on Killing vs Causing Pain and on Replacing Simple Creatures

Tom Regan, “The Case for Animal Rights”

The Cove: Dolphin slaughter in Japan

Endngered Species Condoms

CBS on Antibiotic Use in Food Animals


Pollan, An Animal's Place

Jamieson on Conscientious Omnivores

Michael Pollan, “An Animal’s Place”
"Naturally raised" and "natural" standards for meat will create confusion

A Farm on Every floor: Vertical Farms

Ted Kerasote, "Hunting kills fewer animals than eating vegetables"

Food, Inc.
Cohen, Case for Use of Animals in Biomedical Research
Carl Cohen, “The Case for the Use of Animals in Biomedical Research”

*"Wild justice among animals: Research shows that animals know right from wrong"
*"Animals can tell right from wrong"

*Nobis response to Cohen

Bower bird building its nest: Aesthetics in nature

Bekoff on animal emotions and morality one and two

Monkey cooperation and fairness (youtube)

Sagoff, Animal Liberation and Environmental Ethics: Bad Marriage, Quick Divorce
Mark Sagoff, "Animal Liberation and Environmental Ethics: Bad Marriage, Quick Divorce"

*Conservation's Ethical Tradeoffs
*Cowan, "Policing Nature"
*Raterman, "Lamenting Predation"
Jamieson, "Rights of Animals and the Demands of Nature"

Philosophy of Hunting
Taylor, Biocentric Egalitarianism
Albert Schweitzer's Reverence for Life
Rolston-Rollin video debate between biocentrist and sentiocentrist
Taylor, Priority Principles
Jamieson on Biocentrism
Questions on Ecocentric Holism vs Individualism

“Species and Individuals”
“Harming Plentiful Species to Protect Endangered Species”
"Breeding Endangered Species"
Sand Diego Zoo on California Condors

1/4 mammals at risk of extinction

“Kill the Cat That Kills the Bird?” (full article)

The Precautionary Principle (better to be safe than sorry)

Leopold, "The Land Ethic"

Jamieson on Ecocentrism

*Aldo Leopold, “Preface to Sand County Almanac”
*Aldo Leopold, “The Land Ethic”
*“Sued by the forest: Should nature be able to take you to court?”

On Aldo Leopold

Equador Constitution Rights for Nature 2008

Cafaro, Species Rights to Exist

The Story of Bottle Water
Valuing Nature and The Value of the Natural
Sounds of the Wild: Barred Owls, Loons, Wolves

Jamieson on Intrinsic Value

Jamieson on Ways of Valuing Nature

Rob Loftis (critique of) "Aesthetic Foundations of Environmental Ethics"
Questions on the Meaning and Value of the Natural
Pierce and VanDeVeer, "Do What is Natural You Say?"

J.S. Mill, "On Nature" (selections)

Food Fraud

Fake lawn

The five least green "green food" claims

Jamieson on Natural Values

Jamieson on Natives vs. Exotics

Genetically engineering pain-free food animals
Lovelock: 'We can't save the planet'
Questions on Wilderness

1. "Environmentalists in a clash of goals" (wilderness versus green energy)

2. Tim Egan, "Searching for Eden: The Definition of Wilderness is Increasingly Elusive"

. 3. Nieves and Wald, "Interior Department Plans to Reduce Traffic in Yosemite"

Cronon, "The Trouble with Wilderness"
William Cronon, “The Trouble with Wilderness; or, Getting Back to the Wrong Nature”
Climate Change
Global Warming/Climate Change: Some Considerations
William Broad, “From a Rapt Audience, a Call to Cool the Hype”

*"As the World Burns" (Rolling Stone on Global Warming Politics)
*Responses to climate change skepticism
*Krugman, "Building a Green Economy" (how to afford to tackle climate change)

Climate Change Ethics
*Gardner, "A Perfect Moral Storm"
Gardner, "Ethics and Climate Change"

To What Degree? What Science is Telling us about Climage Change

Human Role in Climate Change

Environmental Action

Notes on Environmental Disobedience

Study Questions on Environmental Action

“Utah Activist Disrupts Sale of Leases for Drilling”

No Impact Man Trailer

Why Better to Drive Electric Car?

Hettinger, Environmental Disobedience

How Foie Gras is Produced

Colbert interview with Peter Singer on Animals (humor)

Justice and Nature's Future
Jamieson, Ch. 7: Nature's Future

The Population Myth

Carless community in Germany

If Nature Had Rights

Wendell Berry, an earth day poem

Who is the World's Worst Polluter?

India loves cars too, but smaller ones