Environmental Philosophy
Ned Hettinger, Spring 2009

Syllabus, Readings and Tentative Schedule

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Peter Brown Lecture
"Economics without Ecocide"

Final Exam Study Questions

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Wed, Feb 11: No class
Thurs, Feb 12, 3:15: Lecture
Friday, Feb 13, 2-3:15: Visit to Class

Reading Notes
For Class
Jamieson, Ch. One: Environment as an Ethical Question
Jamieson, Ethics and the Environment, Ch 1
Gardner on geo-engineering as a response to climate change
Peter Singer review of Dale Jamieson book
Jamieson, Ch. Two: Human Morality
Jamieson, Ethics and the Environment, Ch 2
Summers' memo: More pollution for the 3rd world?
Jamieson, An American Paradox
(Why people don't act to protect the environment)
Jamieson, Ch. Three: Meta-Ethics
Lynn White, "The Historical Roots of our Ecologic Crisis"
Hansen letter to Obama on responses to global warming
Wendell Berry, "Christianity and the Survival of Creation"
Bekoff, "Animals Know Right from Wrong"
Callicott, "The Land Ethic"

Callicott, "The Land Ethic"

Preface to Leopold's A Sand County Almanac
Leopold's Land Ethic, from A Sand County Almanac
Callicott, "What Wilderness"
Callicott, "What 'Wilderness' in Frontier Ecosystems?"
William Cronon's "The Trouble with Wilderness"
Callicott and Grove-Fanning "Should Endangered Species Have Standing?"
Callicott and Grove-Fanning, "Should Species Have Standing"
Ecuador Constitution Gives Rights to Nature
Randolph Hall Tree Controversy
Student and prof. questions for Callicott
Callicott, "My Reply"
J. Baird Callicott
Jamieson, Ch. 4, Normative Ethics
Allen Carlson
Dale Jamieson
Environmental Virtue Ethics
Environmental Virtue Ethics
Louke van Wensveen
van Wensveen, "Emergence of Ecological Virtue Language"
van_Wensveen _Dirty_Virtues_CH_1
List of Ecological Virtues and Vices
Rosalind Hursthouse
Hursthouse, "Environmental Virtue Ethics"
Phil Cafaro
Cafaro, "Gluttony, Arrogance, Greed, and Apathy: Environmental Vice"
Cafaro, "Gluttony, Arrogance, Greed, and Apathy: An Exploration of Environmental Vice"
Children to Adults: You are failing us
Jamieson, Ch. 5, Humans and Other Animals
Jamieson, Ch 6, The Value of Nature
Environmental Aesthetics
Environmental Aesthetics
Carlson, Ch 1 & Ch 2
Carlson, Ch 3, Ch 4, & Ch 5
Carlson, Ch 6 & Ch 7

Jamieson, Ch 7: Nature's Future

Living Sustainably at The College of Charleston (video)
Anti-Environmental Web Site
(be very skeptical about what you read there)
Climate Change and Ethics
Climate Change and Ethics
Gardner, "A Perfect Moral Storm: Climate Change, Intergenerational Ethics and the Problem of Moral Corruption"
Gardner, "A Perfect Moral Storm"
Jamieson, "Adaptation, Mitigation, and Justice"

Obama’s Backing Raises Hopes for Climate Pact


Don't read:

Gardner, "Ethics and Climate Change"