Philosophy 280: Aesthetics
Spring 2006, Ned Hettinger
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Notes Other Resources
Robert Stecker, Preface and Introduction Robert Stekcer
Aesthetics On Line

Holmes Rolston, Valuing Aesthetic Nature
(Powerpoint file) or (Word file)

Holmes Rolston
Aesthetics Encyclopedias
Allen Carlson, Appreciation and the Natural Environment Allen Carlson
Definitions of Key Concepts
Noel Carroll, On Being Moved By Nature Noel Carroll  
Stecker, Ch. 2: Environmental Aesthetics    
Stecker, Ch 3: Aesthetic Experience    
Roger Scruton, Decline in Musical Culture Roger Scruton  
Theodore Gracyk, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and to Love Led Zeppelin Theodore Gracyk  
Stecker, Ch 4: Aesthetic Properties    
Elizabeth Telfer, Food as Art Elizabeth Telfer  
Stecker, Ch 5, What is Art?    
Stecker, Ch 6, What Kind of Object is a Work of Art?    
Stecker, Ch 7: Interpretation and the Problem of the Relevant Intention    
Alex Neill, Fiction and Emotions Alex Neill  
Revised Schedule    
Stecker, Ch 10: Artistic Value    
Walton, Morals in Fiction and Fictional Morality Kendall Walton  
Stecker, Ch 11: Interaction; Ethical, Aesthetic, and Artistic Value    
Tilted Arc, Public Art, and Gregg Horowitz on Tilted Arc Gregg Horowitz  
Michael Kelly, Public Art Controversy; Serra & Lin cases    
Carlson, Is Env. Art_an_Aesthetic_Affront_to_Nature?    
Final Exam Study Questions