Philosophy 280: Aesthetics
Ned Hettinger, Fall 2010

Duchamp Fountain ( 1917)


Schedule of Assignments

Paper assignment and some possible topics

Suggestions for Writing Your Philosophy Paper

Davies Questions Sign-up Sheet

Midterm Study Questions

Final Exam Study Questions

Smithson Asphalt Rundown (1969)

Bluesphere: Earth Art Expo
Description of Blue Sphere
More on Bluesphere

Pearls Before Breakfast
(video and text)
for a short synopsis

Duchamp's Urinal Tops Art Survey
Origins of Art
Davies, Ch 1: Evolution and Culture

About Stephen Davies

Should museums return stolen artworks?
Greece Urges Return of Sculptures

The Fine Art of Returning Art

What is Art?
Telfer, Food as Art
Elizabeth Telfer, "Food as Art"
Bower Bird
Davies, Ch 2: Defining Art
"Is it Art or Just a Toilet Seat? Bidders to Decide on a de Kooning"

Duchamp's In Advance of a Broken Arm (1915)

Emin's My Bed (1999)

Public Art and Censorship
The Tilted Arc Controversy
Dave Barry, "Does Public Art Make Sense?" (humor)
Arthur Danto, "The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial"

PBS "Flashpoints"
(on controversial art, excellent site)

Horowitz on Tilted Arc
Carroll, Can Government Funding of Art Be Justified?
Kelly on Tilted Arc and Vietnam Veterans Memorial
What is Aesthetic Appreciation?
Davies, Ch 3: Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art
When Life Gets in the Way of Art
Rock Versus Classical Music

Roger Scruton, The Decline in Musical Culture


Ducasse, "Tastes Cannot Be Disputed"

Beardsley, "Tastes Can Be Disputed"

Roger Scruton on Why Beauty Matters (you tube)

Baugh, Prolegomena to Any Aesthetics of Rock Music
Bruce Baugh, "Prolegomena to Any Aesthetics of Rock Music"
Good website for information about music
Janis Joplin sings "Summertime"
Davies, Rock versus Classical Music
Stephen Davies, "Rock Versus Classical Music"
Articles on Rock Music for papers
Ontology of Art
Davies, Ch 4: Varieties of Art
Davies, Ch 5: Interpretation
Lady Gaga and Liberace
Emotions and Art
Neill, Fiction and the Emotions
Gaut, The Paradox of Horror
Davies, Ch 6: Expression and Emotional Responses
Representation and Art
Davies, Ch 7: Pictorial Representation and Visual Arts
Environmental Art
Parsons, Art in Nature
Glenn Parsons, "Art in Nature"

Allen Carlson's "Is Environmental Art an Aesthetic Affront to Nature?

Hettinger powerpoint on above


Value and Art
Walton, Morals in Fiction and Fictional Morality
Kendall Walton, "Morals in Fiction and Fictional Morality"
Davies, Ch 8: The Value of Art

Goldfish in a Blender

Artist leaves Dog to Die on Exhibition Display

Obscene Performance Art
Nature Aesthetics
Carlson, Aesthetic Appreciation of the Natural Environment
Carroll, On Being Moved by Nature

Outline of Hettinger, Evaluating Positive Aesthetics

Powerpoint, Hettinger, Evaluating Positive Aesthetics

Ned Hettinger, Evaluating Positive Aesthetics
Saving Ugly Animals