Environmental Philosophy, Fall 05, Hettinger

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Rolston's Conserving Natural Value
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Study Questions for Rolston's CNV

Chapter One: Natural and Cultural Values  

Env. Ethics Searchable Bibliography

Chapter Two: Diversity and Complexity Values    
Chapter Three: Ecosystem Integrity and Health Values    
Chapter Four: Wildlife Values    
Chapter Five: Anthropocentric Values   Rolston's Feeding People versus Saving Nature
Typology of Env. Values from Rolston    
Chapter Six: Intrinsic Natural Values   Link to citation of Callicott's criticism of Rolston on Intrinsic Value
Chapter Seven: The Home Planet   Hettinger on Religion in Rolston's Env. Ethics
Answers to Questions on Rolston    
Emily Brady, Aesthetics of the Natural Environment

Brady, Chapter One:
Aesthetic Appreciation

  Hettinger, Aesthetics and Environment Bibliography
Brady, Chapter Two:
Early Theories of Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature
  Wilde, Sunset as 2nd rate Turner
Brady, Chapter Three:
Culture, Art and Environment
  Carlson Article
Brady, Chapter Four:
Contemporary Theories of the Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature
  Brady's Schema
Brady, Chapter Five:
The Integrated Aesthetic I: Multisensuous Engagement and Disinterestedness
Brady on Disinterestedness    

Brady, Chapter Six:
The Integrated Aesthetic II: Imagination, Emotion and Knowledge

Brady, Chapter Seven:
Aesthetic Judgment of the Natural Environment and Aesthetic Communication
  Study Questions for Brady Exam

Brady, Chapter Eight:
Aesthetics, Ethics, and Environmental Conservation

Brady, On The Relation of Aesthetics & Ethics